Apple headphones yesterday

Apple headphones yesterday

Apple has written on its website that the headphones shipping with a number of its products (iPod Shuffle, iPod Touch and iPhone) are faulty and should be replaced.

Please help spread the word so that anyone entitled to a replacement can do so before the replacement program ends.  Most of the necessary details can be found on the Apple website, here.

This is the second time we’ve had to have an Apple product replaced.  About a year ago our 120Gb MacBook harddrive stopped working with no warning.  We took it to the Apple store on Fifth Avenue, New York, and were told “Yeah, there’s been a big problem with these.  It’s gone.  Your data’s gone.  You’ll have to get a new one.”  Aside from the fact that we had two years worth of data on the drive (some of it backed up, some of it not), what was most annoying was that this was a known issue and despite the potential for real loss, the fact that Apple knew this was a problem and knew the results of this issue, and even had our email address so could easily have let us know, Apple did nothing to contact us.  Makes you feel valued as a customer.

When asked why no-one made any effort to inform us about this known issue, the (self-proclaimed) genius told us we could buy a portable hard drive (not cheap), buy Apple’s back up software and read the Apple website every day.  I’m not sure that response really had our best interests at heart.

If you decide to replace your faulty Apple headphones, better to take them into the store and (try to) get a replacement in-person (forget the store on Fifth Avenue, NYC – they been “out” of them for about six weeks).  The page linked to above has a warning that if you exchange the headphones by mail and Apple doesn’t receive the faulty headset (regardless of whether you sent them or not), your credit card will be charged an (unspecified) “fee”.