I couldn’t let today pass without wishing you all a very happy World IP Day.  This year, the focus of the day is “Designing the Future”, which you can read about here.  You can also ‘Like’ World IP Day on Facebook here, and can read the IPKat’s salute here.

No doubt the next year will be an interesting one for IP.  Perhaps sometime in the next 366 days we will know whether YouTube is exempt from copyright liability under the DMCA in the States and/or the E-Commerce Directive across Europe, and whether Google (and now Microsoft) is liable for or automatically exempt from unfair competition claims for their sale of trademarks as keywords in Europe.

We’ll probably see some rise in cyber attacks, for political as well as miscreant purposes, and hopefully there will be a few more cases on the Internet and jurisdiction issues.  Any bets on where the Google Books litigation will be?