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What is it about cowboys and the Presidency?

If I told you that Robert Burck had had a haircut, you probably wouldn’t know what I was talking about.  But if I told you that while in Times Square last week I noticed that the Naked Cowboy is back performing with a new look, you might even remember the lawsuit he filed last year against Sandra Brodsky, which I commented on here (case 1:10-cv-05539-VM).

Briefly, Burck sued Brodsky for trademark infringement over her use of the Naked Cowgirl label; and her counterclaims included an allegation that he had obtained some of his trademark registrations fraudulently.

I have just checked the filings and it seems that neither party’s attorneys will have to worry about how their briefs will look in Court:  all claims and counterclaims have been dismissed with prejudice at the parties’ joint stipulation.  It’s a shame since there were some interesting issues raised and the case has provided some light relief during my IP talks.  No word yet on the terms of the settlement, but Robert Burck has announced that he will be running for the Presidency on a Tea Party platform, and I don’t know of Brodsky having been seen in Times Square since early Fall last year.


Naked Cowboy vs. Sandra Brodsky (Naked Cowgirl)