I frequently speak on Intellectual Property issues.  As time permits, I will add details of talks here.

Easy ways to protect your innovations online

London Technology Week, 16 June 2014.

Presentation to startups on how to use the Internet to maximise business development opportunities without jeopardising business plans.  Topics included crowd-sourcing, crowd-funding, keyword advertising, takedowns, social media, new gTLDs, monitoring for infringements and policy development, all within the context of restricted and permitted acts under patent, copyright and trade mark laws.

Practical steps for policing the internet and latest news on gTLDs

Sweet & Maxwell Annual Trade Mark Conference 2014, 12 June 2014, The Hallam, London.

Panel discussion on protecting trade marks online and an update on ICANN’s new gTLD program.

ICANN Update

Fordham IP Conference, 25 April 2014, New York.

Panel on ICANN updates, where we discussed the 2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement, data retention, the NTIA’s transfer of stewardship of the IANA functions, and the new gTLD program.

The Technology Challenge: Enhance Legal Access Without Replacing Legal Reasoning

Law Via The Internet, 27 September 2013, Jersey



Unlucky for some: will 2013 break the Internet?

30 January 2013, Edwards Wildman, London.

Preview of the issues before the court in 2013 and their likely impact on copyright law.  Part of Edwards Wildman’s Annual INTERAction IP Law update.

Online and Across Borders: A Net Gain for Technology Companies?

Edwards Wildman Annual INTERAction Technology Law Update, 16 October 2012, Stationers’ Hall, London.

Presentation on the jurisdictional challenges facing companies doing business online.


All the slides from this event are available online at: INTERAction Technology Law Update Speakers’ Slides


Introduction to Intellectual Property and Litigation

I will be reviewing recent IP developments and explaining what they mean for your business on May 19, 2011 at the Brooklyn Public Library.  The talk has been arranged in conjunction with the New York City Bar Association, and I’m excited to have been asked to assume this responsibility once again.

Obtaining and Using Intellectual Property to Grow your Business

July 13, 2010 at the Brooklyn Public Library Business Library. This talk was co-sponsored by the Neighborhood Entrepreneur Law Project (a branch of the City Bar Justice Center, the pro bono affiliate of the New York City Bar); the Programs and Outreach section of the Brooklyn Public Library’s Business Library; the Small Business Development Center (part of the NYC College of Technology); and the Brooklyn Economic Development Corp..  There were around 150 attendees from the small business and entrepreneur community and although there was standing room only, the audience was engaged and asked great questions throughout.  It was encouraging to witness so many people enthused about what IP can do for their business. The talk was well-received and enjoyed by sponsors and attendees alike.  Here is a sample of comments:

“Thank you so much for volunteering your time to give a presentation on Intellectual Property at the Brooklyn Business Library last night. Your presentation was clear, informative and very interesting. I think people particularly enjoyed the real life examples you gave at the end of the slideshow. Audience members commented afterwards how great a presenter they thought you were and how much they appreciated the time you took to answer their many questions. Because of your efforts, we were able to reach dozens of entrepreneurs needing guidance on these important issues.”  Co-sponsor

“It was a very good program and your presentation was excellent.”  Co-sponsor

“The evaluations from the attendees stated that you were excellent, entertaining, informative and knowledgeable.  It was a total success and everyone was extremely pleased with the amount of time you took to explain and demonstrate the various issues with this topic.”  Co-sponsor

“Great talk last night, really interesting.”  Attendee, Lawyer

“Thank you so much for the really excellent presentation.  It was really terrific and clear and informative.” Attendee, Entrepreneur seeking representation

“Your presentation was excellent, thank you for the opportunity to keep the dialogue open.”  Attendee, Entrepreneur seeking representation


Legal Issues for Creative Artists

March 30, 2009 at 1359 Broadway. One half of a two man panel providing an introduction to intellectual property and its practical considerations for singers, producers, photographers, inventors and other small business owners.  Following a brief talk, the floor was opened for a lengthy question and answer session. .

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