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Viacom v. YouTube Appeal: “Endless whack-a-mole”, “just plain crazy” and “red herrings”

The DMCA should allow businesses to ignore their own conclusions about the extent of copyright infringement on their systems until a copyright owner notifies it of individual, specifically identifiable materials on the site, according to YouTube at today’s summary judgment oral arguments at the Second Circuit in Viacom v. YouTube. In other words, service providers [...]

Bing's beta Ad layout

New Microsoft ad strategy more aggressive than Google’s?

Microsoft has recently tested a new system of advertising whereby ads are not placed on top of the organic search results, nor to the side, nor on a colored background, but actually within the list of organic results.  Is this a smart move?  Will Microsoft find itself on the end of a (meritorious) lawsuit for [...]

Can Recital 42 and Article 14 be reconciled?

When the CJEU handed down its decision in Google and Google France vs. Louis Vuitton on March 23, 2010, brand owners were both disappointed and optimistic.  Although the Court had held that because Google was not using third parties’ trademarks in its own commercial communications when it was offering them for selection as AdWords (meaning [...]

Google and LVMH both claim victory in landmark ECJ ruling

Despite this morning’s signing into law of a landmark healthcare bill in Washington, and last night’s news that Google has begun redirecting Chinese surfers to its Hong Kong-based search engine, this morning’s ECJ AdWords ruling has received some prominent media reaction on this side of the Pond (although not half as much as there would [...]

Posting for the first time

It’s been long enough since I last blogged, so I have uploaded WordPress to my site and am going to give it another go.  And there’s plenty to write about, especially in New York, from the ambitious Authors Guild vs. Google Book Settlement hearing taking place on 7 October to the recent Appeal in the [...]