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New Year fireworks

Happy New Year!

A quick note to mark the passing of 2011 and the start of 2012. Thank you all for reading and commenting here (and on Twitter) on the stories that have been reported on these pages. I’m looking forward to posting much more in 2012. There has been plenty to contemplate in the last 12 months [...]


EFF Connection Means YouTube Copyright School Should Be Regraded

YouTube’s recently revised copyright policy and video has been hammered by the copyleft and neutrals.  The EFF describe it as “misleading” and “copyright propaganda”, Raymond Dowd says YouTube has “flunked” copyright school, and TechDirt calls it “myth perpetuating”, claiming that YouTube is “bending over backwards” to help copyright owners. The new policy will require users [...]


Summary of the Google Books Settlement Ruling, in Judge Chin’s words

On March 22, 2011, Judge Denny Chin handed down his Order rejecting the proposed settlement agreement (the ASA) between The Authors’ Guild et al. and Google (Case 1:05-cv-08136-DC).  The Order is relatively short, despite the passage of over a year since the last hearing on the matter, and I thought it would be interesting to [...]

Great Expectations: Three hints at when the Google Book Settlement will arrive

Authors, academics, practitioners and even foreign governments have spent much of the last 18 months discussing what the Authors’ Guild lawsuit against Google means for copyright law and for consumers.   Many predictions have been made about the implications of a settlement agreement which the parties submitted to Judge Denny Chin in early 2010, when [...]

Posting for the first time

It’s been long enough since I last blogged, so I have uploaded WordPress to my site and am going to give it another go.  And there’s plenty to write about, especially in New York, from the ambitious Authors Guild vs. Google Book Settlement hearing taking place on 7 October to the recent Appeal in the [...]