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Parody screenshot of a phone with poor security

Help Us, Copyright; You’re Our Only Hope!

As any celebrity – and certain governments and law firms – will tell you, there are risks as well as benefits in being connected to publicly accessible networks.  Individuals and collectives such as Wikileaks, Anonymous and LulzSec have embarrassed the US government, the law firm ACS:Law, and now Scarlett Johannson and Jessica Alba by exposing [...]

Ministry of Sound, BT and the obligation to preserve electronic documents

Most readers of this blog will be aware that the recent 4Chan / Anonymous attacks against various websites associated with the enforcement of copyrights have been followed by ISPs claiming, in some cases hypocritically, that the current process for investigating intellectual property infringement claims does not adequately protect their customers. By way of recap, the [...]

Scraping and peeping – it’s all the rage

How would it feel to know that people were listening in on your private conversations and were selling the stories they heard so that you could be targeted with junk mail?  Would it make a difference if those conversations, discussing an illness or trying to find comfort after a tragedy, took place remotely, rather than [...]

Check out these legs!

It’s uncommon for stories to keep going for much longer after they’ve hit the front pages, but the recent Google wifi-spying story looks like it’s got the legs to run and run and that it’s nowhere near over yet. In the most recent development, Google has apparently decided not to hand over all the data [...]