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Tiffany loses its false advertising claims against eBay

BREAKING NEWS: The District Court for the Southern District of New York has today ruled that Tiffany’s false advertising claim against eBay has failed.  Judge Richard Sullivan issued a seven page order to address whether certain of eBay’s advertisements were likely to mislead or confuse consumers, after all other aspects of Tiffany’s appeal against his 2008 decision had been [...]

eBay profits at Tiffany’s expense

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals has just released its long-awaited decision in the ongoing Tiffany vs. eBay litigation in New York.  Put briefly, Tiffany’s appeal has been rejected except insofar as the claim for false advertising has been sent back down to the District Court.  There is talk of Tiffany appealing all the way [...]

Getting (ip)IT right

I’m taking a quick break from the busyness of 5th Avenue, New York City, to stop into Barnes & Noble and have a look around for any new reference materials.  After making my way through a large group of tourists, complete with large backpacks and umbrellas, I found what I was looking for:  books relating [...]

Posting for the first time

It’s been long enough since I last blogged, so I have uploaded WordPress to my site and am going to give it another go.  And there’s plenty to write about, especially in New York, from the ambitious Authors Guild vs. Google Book Settlement hearing taking place on 7 October to the recent Appeal in the [...]