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New York Becomes Latest Court To Rule Against Use of Trademarks in AdWords

A District Court in New York has become the latest to find that using a competitor’s trademark in Google’s AdWords program can be trademark infringement. District Judge Roslynn R. Mauskopf found that the Defendants’ selection of “PILLOW PETS” and similar marks as a trigger for Google Ads is likely an infringement of the Plaintiff’s registered trademarks [...]

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Google AdWords Takes A Hit: E-Commerce Safe Harbour MIA

While the Wall Street Journal (initially, at any rate) declared outright victory for Google’s AdWords service after the Court of Justice of the European Union (“ECJ” or “CJEU”) ruled that the sale of keywords to advertisers did not constitute “use” of those keywords within the meaning of the Trade Marks Directive (89/104/EEC), most of us [...]

California Court finds AdWord ad creates likelihood of confusion

In his January 25, 2011 decision in the Central District of California, District Court Judge George H. King held that the targeted use of a third party’s trademark in a Google AdWord advertising campaign can constitute trademark infringement and can also leave advertisers open to an award of enhanced damages, attorneys fees and costs.  (Binder [...]

Tiffany loses its false advertising claims against eBay

BREAKING NEWS: The District Court for the Southern District of New York has today ruled that Tiffany’s false advertising claim against eBay has failed.  Judge Richard Sullivan issued a seven page order to address whether certain of eBay’s advertisements were likely to mislead or confuse consumers, after all other aspects of Tiffany’s appeal against his 2008 decision had been [...]